Earl Davis
Earl DavisOwner & Coach
Earl is a former pro/semi pro footballer. He has over 10 years experience as a Personal Trainer, Coach & Mentor. Earl concentrates on empowering people by improving mental, physical & emotional health. Earl coaches both the private and group strength and conditioning classes. Earl can often be found visiting schools to deliver mindset and motivational talks, small group mentoring and fitness bootcamps.
Lisa McGinnis
Lisa McGinnisCoach & Personal Trainer
“Having been an obese teenager and young adult I was a late comer to fitness, so ‘I get it’. Too embarrassed to go to a gym, I studied fitness and nutrition to educate myself on how to make the change. Now as a PT, I coach other children and adults to make their change, developing a self confidence that will transcend into every part of their lives. With a background competing in CrossFit, my sessions are fun, functional, but most of all effective”.
Charlene McAuley
Charlene is a Mindful Movement & Embodied Meditation Teacher to many wonderful people. Her teaching journey so far has granted her the opportunity to teach yoga in Manchester, Berlin, Iceland, Austria, as well as being in-house teacher to Everton FC’s First Team for over a five year period.

I’m always a yoga student first and foremost. In a class setting I’m showing students what I have learnt through my own practice and wonderful teachers from yoga and other areas of movement and life, including Donna Farhi, Julie Martin and Shai Faran.